Writing Job For Fashion Loving Freelance Writers

This job has been recently published on bloggingpro and is here republished for those who missed it.

Freelance Fashion Design Writers and Editors

  • Freelance
  • Remote
  • Posted 16 hours ago

Six Red Marbles


This is a remote position.

We create, design, and deliver learning experiences for all ages.

Position Overview:

We are seeking subject matter experts to serve as writers, editors, and reviewers for an online high school fashion design course. The writing and editing team will be developing instructional text, assessment items, and some student projects. This is an introductory course that provides students a broad foundation. Proposed topics may include: careers in fashion design, communication, work skills, color and elements, fabric, and technology.

Work is expected to begin by early April and will continue for approximately two to three months. Writers and editors should have a demonstrated knowledge of the field of fashion design and an ability to create engaging online instruction at the high school level. Candidates for reviewer will be expected to have advanced knowledge of the subject area.

TO APPLY: http://bit.ly/2o93IdR


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