Can You Write Outstanding Feature Stories?

It’s entirely for your sake that we have newly veered into niche-writing content marketing agency.

We need you to join us for your own sake as a feature writer.

We really want you to concentrate on getting the juice out of the press of your head without worrying about the market for your stories.

We will do the rest of the marketing and sales of your stories to Clients for you.

With our help, you’ll now focus on only writing outstanding features.

Hello writer,

You can now join the first nitch-writing host agency for your time to start counting on every 1000 – 2500 word feature story you craft.

We hope your writing will meet the requirements of getting published by a good editor.

When your writing hits the acceptability goal post you will get paid to have more of your human interest stories published.

Writality Feature Writing Host Agency (FWH Agency) is the best opportunity to get your craft honed to publishers of outstanding feature stories around the world.

How Writality FWH Agency Works

The agency is a great Marketing opportunity for feature writers.

You write the pitch for your story, we market it for you, then if accepted by any of our 100+ select editors, we contact you to submit your story for editorial reviews.

You get paid immediately your story gets published after all post-review corrections and re-submissions have been completed and accepted for publication.

At FWH agency, we are open for your pitches 24/7 to market them for you at no cost to you.

You keep 90% of the post-publication pay as profit while we get only 10% of the pay as our marketing commission. This way you earn the most.

By so doing, you focus on doing what you think you can do best – crafting effective queries to pitch your story ideas while we take the burden of marketing your ideas upon our shoulders so you never have to worry about finding clients again.

If this is the kind of opportunity you have been looking out for, then it’s time to get to work at your favorite feature story writing.

How to get started pitching your story queries to Writality FWH Agency

Get pre-qualified as an outstanding feature writer by completing the simple task below:


You will prove you are good for the agency by demonstrating your knowledge of the subject requiring you to:

1. Download the sample feature story file here…

2. Read the story…

3. Write a review on what is wrong with the story you have read with recommendations on how to improve it to make the story better…

4. Implement your recommendations by rewriting the story you have reviewed…

5. Submit your review, recommendation and feature article rewriting to

What Happens Next?

Our editorial team will evaluate your submission and contact you to request your first marketable story’s pitch after 1 week, if you qualify with a pass score in the pre-qualification test.

You will be automatically added to the agency in which case you will be free to submit up to 10 pitches in a week.

Your initial story for the pre-qualification test will be published on our blog and shared to our audience with a note of satisfaction added by our editor-in-chief to launch your profitable membership in our agency.

We believe we have got your attention, now it’s just about time you had started completing the above task to join us.

Good luck on your journey to joining the world’s first niche writing host agency for feature writers.

We anticipate your interesting submission.


Writality Feature Writing Agency.

P.PS. Once you have been accepted to join FWH agency for feature writers, you will be mailed the weekly focus for pitches to be submitted to us.

We’ll have the opportunity to market your pitches to our selection of clients.

Our clients will determine which story we will request you to submit to us next for completing your feature and getting your story published without your effort.

You will get paid for the good job of writing outstanding feature stories. So start now.


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