Are You Struggling To Get The Financing You Need To Grow?


Attend 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp To Acquire The Knowledge And Skill for Easily Generating The Right Amount of Financing For Your Business and Personal Needs

Theme: “3 Easy Approaches to Generating Sufficient Financing For Your Business & Personal Needs While Fighting Recession & Financial Stagnation in 2017”

Time: 08:00 AM  – 07:00 PM                                                  Date: Starting on 27/03/2017 through December, 2017.


Old Spice Fast Food/Restaurant: 9 Mbonu Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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1:1 Business Training Bootcamp—Thursdays 1 Hour/Period

1:1 Business Tutorial Bootcamp—Friday 2 Hours/Period

1:1 Business Mentorship Bootcamp—Saturday 3 Hours/Period

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Details of the Event:

Maybe you need someone to hold your hand so that you can figure out how to generate more finance for your business and personal needs. If so, Writality Blog is here to help you.

Would you like a free ticket that will enable you access the event organized by NSM-NCC of the DWOP Life Enterprise RC. 106075 to help you plan out how to change your business & lifestyle with access to more funding opportunities, and you can start generating more finance for your business and personal needs.

Together we will plan out:

Þ How to change your mindset to be able to see what your business really needs to get funding.

Þ How to get you to become a ‘lazy’ fund generator—do you want to just have funds come to you with no effort on your part? Writality Blog can help you achieve that!

Þ Generate funds without having to spend a fortune on loan sharks.

Þ Optimizing your business plan to increase your investors attraction rate and upscale your revenue.

If you want to book your free ticket, just click here.

Writality Blog can’t  wait to see how it can help you boost your financing and generate more funds!

Writality Blog!


P.P.S: One of the biggest reasons why Nigerian business owners are unable to grow and generate more finance or expand and upscale their revenues competitively annually is their inability to pitch their business plans to investors rather than merely depending on the banks for loans; and new businesses are stalled because no one seems to believe in their idea as good enough for investing in them; in general these business owners fail to start or plan their business funding as it is expected that all good startup founders would eventually seek funders to fund their ideas through the stages of business funding cycles; even the biggest Nigerian business owner overlooked the importance of pitching the business for seed funding and so could not generate a minimum of $200,000 in seed funding; consequently other funding cycles remained close to Nigerian startup founders and potential funders keep ditching Nigerian entrepreneurs who generally lack training on business financing.

Observing that this situation is responsible for the slow economic growth in Nigeria, a one-time solution has been developed by a Nigerian social enterprise known as DWOP Life Enterprise, and that has become the value it created for training business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on generating finance for business personal needs. That solution is embedded in one of its value creation Program management department known as NSM which is responsible for all career training programs managed by one of its three offices designated as NCC: N.A.E Career Center. It is this office that manages the project of 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp, an event project that directly solves the problem mentioned above.

Don’t be scared of losing your business to investors when seeking funding, in this event, you will learn how pitching your business to investors will help you know if your idea is good enough.

How Do You Know Your Business Idea Is Good?

The funding team behind the NCC’s project has noted what investors want to fund as follows:

¨ Investors want to fund good business ideas: You should know that so many ideas never seem to go anywhere. Some are just so uninspiring that they can’t seem to get the attention of anyone, much less investors. You can even write a whole business plan around a bad idea, leading to great disappointment when investors spot the fact it’s bad.

¨ A good business idea is much more than just an idea: The NCC’s first approach in the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event will be simplifying the concept of the good idea that can attract investors, to be taught during the event. If you don’t attend the event, you can sit there all day and come up with ideas, but that doesn’t make them good. If you attend the event, you will be trained to understand that good business ideas have certain qualities that differentiate them from other ideas. For one thing, a good business idea fulfills an unmet customer need, and it is often a need the consumer doesn’t even recognize yet. That may sound odd, but great ideas are often not great until someone invents a product or service.

¨ Determining if a business idea is a good one requires more than just knowing the market will appreciate products or services.  In the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event, you will learn that the good business idea must be feasible and realistic in terms of production costs, the time from building to sales, profitability and safety.

¨ A good business idea is also one that can be brought to fruition because the entrepreneurs have the knowledge and skills needed. The NCC’s project of the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp, is an event that will impart to entrepreneurs the right knowledge and skill they need to bring their business ideas to fruition. In this event, you will learn that there are more qualities associated with good business ideas, but one of the most important is related to innovation.

¨ Good business ideas offer a new twist on products or represent creative and innovative new products. The new twist or innovation should represent something that matters to people which means it brings some kind of satisfaction.

Now, when you have got a business idea does it end there? It is just the beginning and what is next is exactly what you will find out in the event, and that is how to finance the idea whether it is a new idea or an existing  business. If you don’t attend the event, you will miss it all, because for you, only having a good idea will not be enough if you don’t know what to do next to fund your idea.

Only participants at the event can be sure of the next step to take to guarantee generating seed funding up to $200,000 in three months. The core of the event is about showing you how to pitch your good idea to investors and where to find the investors who will fund your business. Investors will consider all of the qualities of the idea coupled with the marketing, competitive and financial factors, and how you make them find these elements in your pitch is what you will learn by participating in the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp.

Now, go get the news out that 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp is the event for every entrepreneurial enthusiast and individuals in need of generating business and personal financing; so to participate in the event, you should get your ticket. To get your ticket click here.

Why You Need To Attend The 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp

The fact that Nigerian business owners are not getting the right amount of funding to grow and expand though, can actually be a good thing for you to break the jinx by attending this event—your time in business with stagnation is costing you money, so if other business owners around you are stagnant, and aren’t sure how to get the boost for their financing, this event will equip you to get sure how to generate the right amount of finance for growing your business and staying competitive in the market.

Register Here to get your free ticket and start generating finance for your business and personal needs as soon as possible.

With the support you will get from attending the event, you will know the right place to look for investors. So don’t miss the chance to get your Free Ticket to attend the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp, an event that will provide the support you need to grow bigger. Click Here to register now and you will soon get your business idea in from of investors, as the event includes a business plan review service to help you prepare your investors pitch.

If your business is experiencing stagnation in recession today, do not feign discouragement, you can take the next step to come out of stagnation after attending the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event, so don’t be discouraged as discouragement won’t help you with anything.

Get the help you  need, what’s important here is not the volume of business books you read for motivations but the quality of information you can access to change your mindset on getting your business sufficiently funded more easily.

That doesn’t mean that you should be constantly looking for business books to read or booking for business conferences, seminars and workshop events to attend, though. It’s about finding the right balance between booking for the right event and working with the information you have acquired to keep your business always funded.

What Type Of Business Funds Are Available To Business Owners Like You?

For example, NewsWhip, a content analytics platform aimed largely at newsrooms and marketers, on Feb 21, 2017, was announced our funding team to have raised $6.4 million in a series A round led by Tribal Ventures, with participation from others, including the Associated Press (AP), Japanese publisher the Asahi Shimbun, San Francisco fund Matter VC, Enterprise Ireland, Social Starts.

If NewWhip had not identified the right type of funding it probably would have been stagnant as many businesses are in Nigeria, so you have something to learn about the type of business fund that is apt to get you out of stagnation; the wrong type of fund will not take you far, and that is why the Event I:1 Business TTM Bootcamp is invaluable for business owners to help you know the right type of finance you need for growing your business.

Another example is TetraVue, a company setting out to arm autonomous cars ultra high-resolution 3D image-capturing smarts. It announced on Feb 21, 2017 that it has raised $10 million from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Nautilus Venture Partners, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and Foxconn. This is a business that has identified the right funding type it needs and so is able to grow bigger and increase its revenue on an annual basis. If you are not getting the right funding for your business, you will not be able to grow bigger or increase your revenue. So, if you don’t know how to access your business funding need, then attending the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp is not an option for you. Get your Free Ticket for the event here.

The third example is Sun Basket, an organic meal delivery service company. It raised $15 million in a series C round led by Sapphire Ventures, with participation from a number of other VC firms and angels including Baseline Ventures, PivotNorth Capital, Accolade Partners, Founders Circle Capital etc. It’s success is tied to its knowledge of the right funding for it. You too can acquire the information you need to decipher the right funding for your business by attending the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp. Book your event Free Ticket here.

The event will expose you to the different types of financing that is right for different types of businesses and show you how to get each type of finance for your business, for example, if you  need quick access to extra capital to help your business grow or cover unexpected expenses, you would definitely be benefited by having a Business Line of Credit.  If you have found to be the right type of financing you need, then you need to also know how to easily get this type of financing and where you can get it more easily. This is one of the many benefits you enjoy by attending the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp. Obtain your Free Ticket here to attend the event.

Talking about a Business Line of Credit for example, it is a beautiful type of financing because it gives you flexibility to draw capital in response to your business’s changing needs. A lender provides you with a set amount of money that you can spend at will (either by credit or check), provided that you pay back some each month. It is always on and can be used in any way you want.

Among other things, you could use a Business Line of Credit to:

· Make payroll

· Purchase inventory

· Repair equipment.

To qualify, you typically need to be in business for at least 6 months, have a credit score of 500+ and monthly revenues of at least $8,000.

If you see that you don’t pass the qualification for this type of finance particularly if your credit score is poor or you are just new in business and your business isn’t generating monthly revenue yet, then you will need to know which other type of financing is open to you according to your business merits and this is among the things you will learn from the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp. So don’t underestimate the value of the bootcamp, attendance can mean the difference between success and failure in getting your business funded. To attend the event, get your Free Tickethere. 

Many small business owners struggle to get the financing they need to grow. With so many different options and lenders out there, it can be difficult to know where to turn. 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp equally has small businesses close at heart with your best interest in mind; that’s why NCC has developed this event project for small business funding solution through enlightenment that will help you get access to financing options that make sense.

Writality Blog is the publisher of this event, and it has been recently set up to promote quality information content and business events of which 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp is one of the quality business events honed for every business owner or aspiring business owners who need to attend it. 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp is an event that will help you start seeing Big results quickly with access to financing.

About the Organizer of the Event

Just like so many of you, the organizer of the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event had experienced nearly 11 years of business stagnation due to lack of access to financing. It’s founder was unable or feared to pitch the business plan to funders, and so it failed to develop its service points until the publisher of Writality Blog inspired it to take the right step which has changed its story and enabled it to get out of stagnation to this point it has got to bringing its experience of change of approach that has been proven to work into organizing the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp.

DWOP Life Enterprise spent nearly 11 years in anonymity when it discovered those approaches to business funding that don’t work at all in Nigeria, these approaches have been responsible for why nearly all Nigerian Small and Medium scale business enterprises don’t grow out of stagnation and global anonymity. These approaches will be exposed at the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event.

Seeing that all such approaches are not the ways to successful business funding– and by organizing the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event, the organizer has grown a new approach to growing its client base much quicker than before while helping them to solve their own problems of accessing business and personal finances.

Now you can leverage the experience of the organizer by attending the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event where business owners or aspirants like you will learn to focus on one of the core approach of seeking funding to achieve results with it, and that why the organizer presents 3 approaches to seeking funding so that you can choose one approach and focus on it. this is seen in the theme of the event: “3 Easy Approaches to Generating Sufficient Financing For Your Business & Personal Needs While Fighting Recession & Financial Stagnation 1n 2017”

Clues To The Three Approaches To Be Covered in the Event

The first approach is “Business Development & Funding Quick Solution”: you can’t stop focusing on developing your business along the lines of its core values. This approach will help you conceive, plan, develop & access seed capital for funding a viable idea, blueprint, operation and growth. With this approach you can generate more finances for your business growth and personal needs.

Your don’t want to be overwhelmed by only one approach. The second approach is “Option Trading Solution for Residual Income”: ICT oriented businesses will be able to use this approach to quickly start trading options with an 80% accuracy guaranteed strategy.

The third approach is “Equity Trading, Integrated Investment & Sustainable Cooperative Network Solution”: it is an individual approach to support individuals in individual finances. Using this approach will enable you multiply your income stream to save your business finances for solving your core business needs. With this approach you can easily separate your personal finance from your business finance.

The third approach is a very important approach to support business owners like you in your personal financing plan to multiply your income streams through diversified personal investments.

When you attend the 1:1 Business TTM Bootcamp event, you will learn how to trade equity and join a sustainable cooperative network to build a reliable personal investment portfolio using the third approach.

So, you have three approaches to learn the event and you can choose one approach after the event and focus on it in your business and personal financing purpose in order to maximize your funding results.

Finally, by attending the event, you too will be able to generate more finances  for your business and personal needs more easily.

The organizer’s passion is teaching business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs just like you, how to leverage your existing business or business idea into a scalable one that generates finance on autopilot with monthly revenue that impress your investors.

To register for this event, click here and make it a point of duty to tell others about the event. Prepare to attend the 1:1 Business TTM Event for a successful business and personal financing.

If you have any questions regarding the relevance of your participating in this event and promoting it as well as ways to increase your revenue, you can always contact the organizer or leave a message via Support section.

DWOP LIFE ENTERPRISE, 4, Ozuzu CLose off Manilla Pepple Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers Nigeria.

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Questions or comments? E-mail us at or call: 08126225948; 09060641622.


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