Featured Contents To Watch Out For On Writality Blog

Writality Blog will be featuring contents listed as follows:

  1. Press Releases on:
  • Upcoming books, and new bestselling authors
  • Events Taking place in the diverse writing online communities
  • The Business of writing
  • The Content Marketplace, and the content marketing industry
  • The Life of Writers
  • The Business of Writing
  • The Business of Book Publishing
  • The Business of Book Editing
  • The Businesses Writers engage in
  • Story Telling, and the business of storytelling
  • Writing events around the globe
  • Opportunities for writers to get paid writing as freelancers
  • Writing styles
  • Writing contests
  • Stories that are changing lives around the world and building social ties globally
  • The Writing Culture
  • Writing & Education
  • Writing Guides
  • Writing Tutorials
  • Writing & Research
  • Book Writing
  • Writing Types
  • Writing Niches
  • Writing & Business
  • Writers vs. Entrepreneurs
  • Writing categories
  • Niches for freelance writers to get paid writing gigs
  • The Background of writers
  • Top writers in their different industries and niches
  • Writers influencing governments around the world
  • Everything about writing.

For supporting the writing contents on writality, see the campaign behind Writality¬†and for the Personal patron invitation see “Today in 2317”.


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